Throughout the country the institutions managed by publicly elected officials are the pillars upon which the quality of life is built.  In our community these institutions include city and county government, school boards and our district hospital which is chartered to foster the delivery of quality health care throughout the community.

For many of us the quality healthcare is very personal.  My mother was able to live to see her twin grand-daughters because of medical advancements not available when I was growing up.  Her life was extended using a Cyber-knife developed here locally and my twin girls have had a happy, healthy childhood because of advancements in NICU technology and care despite being born at 32 weeks, weighing just 3 ¼ pounds each.

My emotional commitment to these local institutions runs deep.  My father served as El Camino Hospital's 3rd Chief of Staff in 1963.  My mother served for more than two decades in public office – on the Board of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District and as City Councilwoman and Mayor of Mountain View.

El Camino Hospital is prominent in some of my early memories:  I remember getting my first tetanus shot after stepping on a nail at the construction site that was to be my father’s medical office across the street from El Camino Hospital.  Getting my tonsils out was less painful not so much for the plentiful ice cream but for having my father and our family friends constantly stopping by my hospital bed.

My professional background includes experience as both a small businessman and high-tech executive.  I owned my own small business, Sylvan Learning Center franchises, that tutors children in grades K-12 for more than 20 years and have worked at world-class, technology companies such Dell, IBM and HP as well as at start-ups.  The past 20 years I have been leading global e-commerce and digital marketing teams.

The values I learned by watching what my family did, as well as what they said, emphasize ethical, not just legal, obligations to the stewardship of public resources - including broad access for all.  As board members, I agree with the Institute for Local Government that:

“In public service, your responsibility to do what you believe is best for your community trumps the value of loyalty. The ethical approach, and what the public expects you to do, is what's best for your community."

I am a widower living in Los Altos my identical twin 19-year old girls Kelly and Sarah - who will be returning to college for their second year in the fall of 2024. My educational background includes: my graduation from Los Altos High School, an AB from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford.

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